Monday, December 14, 2009

Motion Golf and Sergio Garcia

I've seen the Motion Golf video system and it's pretty cool. I've actually posted this video on this blog before, but now I understand more, so I can discuss more about it.

Some things I noticed.

1. Sergio's spine tilts leftward, about 4.7*. This is a big component of the S&T swing. Although the S&T guys want a spine more at 90* vertical, I don't think they would complain about it tilting leftward a little. If anything I think this helps keep the head steady as well as getting about 90% of the weight on the left leg and a flexed left knee at impact.

2. Sergio is not laid off in this swing which is a common critique of his swing. Seriously, does this look laid off to you?

3. Here's the club dimensions I got as some of them are a little hard to read. I probably have more confidence in their body dimensions than their club dimensions because Trackman is focused more on the club dimenions thru impact while Motion Golf is focused more on the body motion.

117.4 mph clubhead speed
12.3* Dynamic Loft
0.3* Face Angle
1.2* Horizontal Swing Plane
1.0* Attack Angle

This is really good. Given that his Attack Angle and HSP are almost the same and this is with the driver, the 'true path' should be close to 0.0*. Furthermore, the face angle is only 0.3* open. So I'm guessing this shot went dead straight or maybe a smidge of a draw.

4. Spearman makes a good recommendation if you want to float load like Sergio does. Remember though that Homer Kelley said that float loading also usually means that the right arm delays its folding motion for quite some time and this allows the golfer to get the wristcock in the downswing. Personally I think if you want to learn how to float load you need to take it out very wide like Spearman said and then pivot very sharply and everything else will get into place.



Greg Brown said...

good stuff there...lots of misconceptions out there on sergio's swing.

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