Monday, December 14, 2009

George Knudson Video and Article

Here's some more video of one of the greatest ballstrikers ever, George Knudson.

Here's also an article of instruction with Knudson as well. You can click the picture to enlarge it.



fearlessgolfer said...

When I was going thru the passive hand action swing, George Knudson, Ben Hogan, Wild Bill Melhorn, and john Redman along with David Lee. Knudson's "give up control to gain control" made lots of sense. This was before I got more confused. There are definately several ways to swing effectively. Didnt Sevam said he controls it by center of his body?

Rich H. said...

Not sure because I haven't read Knudson's book

Unknown said...

Knudson was all of it. People can say they have a different techniques but at the end of the day the ones who were successful shared a similar philosophy. These fly by night instructors cant hold a candle to the Knudsons,Hogans and Normans of the world. I am so glad people are digging now and seeing this new era of upper body swing mess that is being taught is crazy. These guys cannot hit it straight with better technology. The Knudson's and guys like that hit real blades and wood drivers. Knudson's book was one of the best, if not the best golf instruction book ever written.