Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays From Sevam1

Fun video from friend of the Richie3Jack blog Mike Maves and his student/friend Steve Elkington.

It's really neat to see the chemistry the two have with each other. Mike not only explains things so clearly, he does it in a way that all golfers can relate to. I find that to be crucial in golf instruction and it's why I like going to Ted Fort for my golf instruction. I always tell people that Ted is a master at the knowledge of the golf swing, but he's even more impressive with how he relates to all sorts of different people. Some call it a certain 'charm.' I think it's a key to financial success of a teacher, but if you can combine that with the knowledge of the swing and how people learn, you can truly be a great teacher. Both Ted and Mike have those qualities.

It's also amazing to see Elkington in front of the camera making it look so easy. In some of the videos I've done where I've talked about parts of the swing and TGM, you don't realize how difficult it is to speak in front of the camera without making a lot of 'ums' and 'oh's' and not fiddling around with the club or whatever is in your hands. And he seems to be a very friendly guy that really loves the game of golf and not only appreciates the history of the game, but gets tremendous joy from it.

We need more guys like Elkington coming up on the PGA Tour.

Recently on another message board a PGA pro asked who was Mike and what right did he really have to publish a book. Obviously the person in question never bothered to read Mike's book nor watch his videos, listen to what he had to say and take a look at his swing.

In other words, we need more teachers like Mike Maves, too.


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