Monday, December 7, 2009

Peter Senior Swing Sequence

Here's Peter Senior's sequence (click the pic to enlarge). Senior just qualified for the Champions Tour by being the Q-School medalist by 3 strokes.

Here's what John Erickson (aka Lag Pressure) said about Senior.

I can't think of anyone who swings the club more like Hogan and Knudson did since the 1960's than Peter Senior. Having a great golf swing is not the only factor in being a top tier tour player, but is certainly doesn't hurt. It's nice to be around the hole more often than not. Senior has always been a flusher. When his putter is working half way decent, he's tough to beat.

He's also a guy who wouldn't have any issues playing gear from any era. He'd have even a bigger advantage if the gear was rolled back. It's nice to see him still playing a decent schedule... and getting his SPGA card here is no surprise to me.
When I first played on the Australian tour in 87, I had never heard of Peter Senior.. but he would shoot 64 at least one round every week it seemed. Contending every week, and just flushed it.

I'm sure a lot of Americans will be going..."who is this guy" when he cleans up this year. He is not unknown internationally, but most Americans are in for a surprise.. I suspect he will do very well over here. I will be fun to get a chance to watch him play again..

He's that last of the great ball striker shot maker types.. About as close as anyone will get to seeing a Hogan type game in the modern era.
played against Peter and all those other great sticks on the Australian Tour off and on from 87 till I think 92. I contended a couple times on Sunday, but didn't take home a win down there. Just playing on that tour felt like a win really. I really enjoyed my time there.. wonderful courses, very professionally run events and decent money if you played good on the weekends. The whole time down there seems like a blur now.. as if it was just one trip.

It was so shocking that there could be a golfer as good as Peter Senior that I had never heard of stateside. I came back here and told people about this guy who could beat Greg Norman by 10 shots.. and everyone would ask why he doesn't come over here and play.. well, now American will get a look.. 20 years later is better than never.



Dave @ Mud Ball Golf Blog said...

Great swing sequence - I always thought that his driver swing was one to model on - very solid player. I remember watching him in many European Tour events.
I think he plays a broom handle for putting and I think therein lies the answer - I don't think he was a poor putter but I think he just didn't hole as many as he should - particularly when his approach shots were regularly 'holeable'. I remember him in the same light as Woosnam - knocking short irons in close to the pin with ridiculous regularity when he was on form.

Rich H. said...

I had heard Senior's name for quite some time but had no idea what type of player he was. Ought to be interesting to watch on the Champions Tour this year.

Unknown said...

Peter Senior is going to tear Tiger Woods up the very next time he gets his chance!