Monday, November 30, 2009

3Jack's Translation of TGM: Part 12

I won't be going over 4-0 thru 4-C-3 because they are rather self explanatory in the book along with the pictures about the wrist positions. Also Jeff Mann's Perfect Golf Swing Review site has a glossery of wrist movements HERE.

4-D-0 (Release Motions)

This refers to the release of Power Accumulators #2 (downward uncocking of the left wrist) and Power Accumulator #3 (turning of the left wrist).

Hitters release power accumulators #2 and #3 simulataneously. Swingers release power accumulators #2 and #3 in sequence (2 before 3).

The #2 PA, which uncocks the left wrist is the function of the hands actuating the Clubhead. The #3 PA which turns and rolls the left wrist is the function of the hands actuating the Clubface.

The hitter concentrates on the hand motion while the swinger concentrates on wrist motion. That's because the hitter tends to use the #1 and/or #3 Pressure Points and drives that #1 Power Accumulator into the ball. That's a hand motion function. The swinger tends to use the #2 and #4 Pressure Points and uses a wrist throw in their pattern.

Normally, only swingers will use the 'swivel' into impact. That's because in the swingers backswing they usually roll the clubface with their left arm and hand to square. The hitter will use the right forearm takeaway and the face will be slightly closed in the takeaway and the backswing. So when the swinger comes down on the downswing, they have to roll the wrist back into impact. All golfers must 'swivel' in the follow thru into the Finish.

4-D-1 (The Flat Left Wrist)

This goes much over what we have discussed in these translations. Here's an example of a golfer without and with a FLW at impact.

The big thing to notice is in the right pic where one could draw a straight line from the left shoulder down to the clubhead. That's a flat left wrist at impact. The pic on the left shows something differently. Many golfers have a forward leaning shaft, but you can still draw a straight line from the left shoulder down to the clubhead.

In order to have a FLW at impact, that means the right wrist must be bent. I still firmly believe the best way to obtain a FLW at impact is to not actively try and have a FLW at impact. The swinger will concentrate on pulling the club with the left side and the pivot. The hitter will concentrate on keeping the right wrist bent.

If there's one thing we can learn from the golfers with a lot of shaft lean it's that the shaft lean is caused by having a steeper Angle of Attack. Say the PGA Tour average angle of attack with a 7-iron is about -4*. Somebody with forward shaft lean may have an AoA of -5* with a 7-iron.

So, if somebody with a sizeable amount of shaft lean has a steeper angle of attack, it's logical to draw that somebody who flips, the exact opposite of forward shaft lean, has way too shallow of an Angle of Attack. So one of the major keys if you want to rid yourself of the flip is you probably need to hit down on the ball much more than you could ever imagine.


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