Friday, November 27, 2009

More Swing, S&T Lower Body Action and Head Movement Thoughts

Recently I've been posting about wanting to change some parts of my swing. Particularly my head movement starting at about P5 (left arm parallel to the ground on the downswing) as I noticed that I still have an issue with my neck/head moving downward and away from the target.

One thing that needs to be made clear is that the head isn't exactly 'stationary' in the swing and it's something no good player has ever truly accomplished. Instead, what usually happens is if I were to draw a circle around the golfer's head at address, the PGA Tour player will see the head go slightly outside of that circle in the backswing...then return to the circle in the downswing and stay there until about P9 (when the right arm is parallel to the ground in the follow thru). Here's a link to Ben Hogan's swing over at the Swing Academy site. Just click on 'Analysis View' then click on 'View This Analysis' where my icon is. From there you can see Hogan's head movement go slighty outside of the circle in the backswing and return to the circle on the downswing (it actually returns to the circle at the top of the swing)

I find this to be the case with just about every PGA Tour pro and with it being an issue with my swing as my head moves outside of the circle on the downswing, it saps some power and makes accuracy and consistency a little more difficult to achieve.

Steve Sieracki mentioned that there was too much right knee bend in my swing at about impact which causes the head to dip and go backward.

In order to straighten that right leg more I decided to follow this video of Mike Bennett's footwork.

As you can see, the right foot/ankle rolls to the inside as Bennett comes into impact. This does help straighten the right leg in the downswing which helps allow the hips to start rotating at the right time. Remember, you don't want the hips rotating too early in the downswing or you'll come dead over the top.

However, what you will notice with Bennett's footwork is that it's very similar to Ben Hogan's footwork.



fearlessgolfer said...

Richie, if you are trying to do S&T; you should follow their instruction on head movement to keep stationary as to keep the Head, shoulder and Hip COG's in line. That way, you don't have to worry about head floating back and forth?
And to watch your head position as well as your right knee movment?
Hope this thought helps.

TeddyIrons said...

Lagpressure has some very good thoughts on footwork and ground pressures that are worth reading into.

Rich H. said...

Yeah, I'm thinking of going in a different direction to clean some other things up first. Then work a little on the footwork and then move ot the head. Right now I'm worried about seperating my right elbow from my right side at the top of the swing just a bit. In a couple of days I'll go over a comprehensive plan of the things I want from my swing.

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