Friday, November 20, 2009

New Swing Update 11.20.09

As I discussed in my 'The Stack and Tilt Swing' book review, one of the beauties of the S&T method is that you don't have to use all of the components of the swing in order for it to be helpful for you to use.

One of the things I've worked on was keeping the weight more towards my left foot throughout the swing. One thing I have noticed is that before I even tried this is I hit very good shots from downhill lies. I also noticed on the range one day that I was hitting my punch shots further than my full swings. I believed this was due to being able to get the weight on the front foot at impact.

I added a little more waist bend at address and tried to feel the weight on my left heel. The impact alignments look good here.

I plan on getting more of a S&T-ish lower body action as well as working on squaring up the clubface at the top of the swing (very shut at the top right now).



Unknown said...


I enjoy reading about your progress in your journey to be a better golfer.
I had given up on S&T but then read the most recent article in Golf Digest and then ordered the book. I started over again but I was getting frustrated pushing way right. I tried everything I read in the book and finally figured it out that my left arm was coming away from the left side of my body into impact. I tried the tee drill where you place a tee under your left and right arms. That made me swing more in a circle and it straighted out my ball flight immediately. I also think about keeping my elbows the same distance apart through the downswing and that does the same thing; I think.
I still need to work on my weight shift to the left and left hip thrust up but at least I can hit a decent number of fairways and greens with what I know now.

Rich H. said...

I have also had some minor issues with a push. It's not 'way right', but it's a push nonetheless. There's good news about that, IMO, though. A push means that there's an open face and the path is inside-to-out enough so it 'matches' the open face. Meaning if my face is open 3*, then to hit a push, my path needs to be inside-to-out 3*. In my experience, the better player 'misses' are usually pushes to the right. I think that's because really good players just don't get above plane that often on the downswing.

Like I mentioned over at Dana Dahlquist's forum, none of the components of S&T are 'wrong' per say, it's really just a matter of whether the golfer can consistently repeat them enough. However, you can just take a few of the components and see it greatly improve the ballstriking. I really wish the book would've gotten into that instead of making it seem like you HAVE to have all of the components. When I tried getting more of an upright shoulder turn, I just couldn't get it to work and that component really isn't what I am looking for in my swing anyway.

Kevin said...


Isn't that a HUGE reason we enjoy TGM so much?

If one component doesn't work for you, select another one and give it a whirl, see if it feels good and works for you.

It's so great to have a blueprint with options!!!