Monday, November 23, 2009

3Jack's Translation of TGM: Part 10B

3-F-5 (The Address Routine)

The Address Routine in 3-F-5 basically goes into the 'pre-shot routine.' Ken Venturi used to say that most people 'lose their swing' before they even swing the club. Meaning, their address position was so bad that they really never had a chance to begin with.

Homer Kelley talks about it here, but also adds a mental twist to it.
Most misshots are lost at Address - by not mentally spelling out exactly the selected Stroke Variations and their technique and Feel.
I think people would *think* this is too technical, but it's really not as George Knudson noted in a 1979 interview.

In the interview Knudson stated that he really never got mad after a poor shot and the most upset he would ever get would consist of him wondering aloud 'why bother?' Knudson noted that he would ask himself that if he felt he wasn't mentally prepared and focused to hit the shot at hand as a way of asking 'why did you bother to swing the club anyway?'

The rest of 3-F-5 is pretty basic stuff. Like explaining that the practice swing is a 'dress rehearsal' of the actual swing and the waggle is a 'miniature reproduction.' I agree in part with Homer on the waggle, but it's hardly a mandatory part of the address routine and I don't think it will benefit all golfers. I use a waggle to sense and feel my right forearm and right elbow. Brian Manzella did a nice video on the waggle and why he thinks fewer golfers waggle these days.

3-F-6 (Execution)
All quick, jerky and wobbly motions are improper execution. Neither the hands nor the club are flipped or swished around haphazardly. The ideal -- even with an Automatic Release -- is to be very deliberate, positive and heavy. Never dainty.
If your 'power package' looks flimsy, then that usually indicates a lack of Extensor Action and/or neglecting the Flying Wedges.

Or if you have a flimsy looking 'power package', your issues could be poor translation of the components of the swing or you are trying to incorporate incompatible components.

For instance, if you are trying to use the Left Shoulder takeaway but drive load with a punch elbow and a horizontal hinge, those are a lot of incompatible components and can create a very weak looking 'power package.' And if this is the case you need to go to the range and immediately get it corrected.

Homer states that to achieve a 'Master's Level Execution' which is being able to execute the proper Geometry with or without wristcock, with and without the #3 Accumulator, with any type of hinging (vertical, angled, horizontal), with any Plane Line combination (square-square, square-open, square-closed, etc.), from any ball location, hitting or swinging, with Right Forearm Takeaway, and with a motionless right wrist.


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