Friday, November 6, 2009

3Jack's Translation of TGM: Part 9M

10-18 (Left Wrist Action)

The corresponding Chapter 7 translation can be found HERE.

STANDARD LEFT WRIST ACTION - The wrist is turned and cocked during the backstroke, which means it must be rolled and uncocked during the release. This causes the hands to 'swivel' into Hinge Action Position. Here's a Lynn Blake video discussing the hand swivel.

DOUBLE LEFT WRIST ACTION - Identical to the standard left wrist action, except that the left wrist is in a Double Cocked position (cocked and bent). This is restricted to the hitter according to Homer Kelley. That's because the double left wrist action destroys the Left Arm Flying Wedge and leaves the clubface to be aligned to the mandatory frozen right wrist (a hitting procedure).

SINGLE LEFT WRIST ACTION - Left Wrist is cocked, but not turned. This single left wrist action, where the left wrist is cocked, but not turned has 3 alternative procedures:

1. Let the pivot do the work and lead the golfer into horizontal hinging.
2. Let the pivot do the work and lead the golfer into angled hinging.
3. Hold the left wrist vertical throughout the stroke.

HALF LEFT WRIST ACTION - Wrist is turned then rolled, but is not cocked.

CUT SHOT - Vertical hinge action shot.

Remember, a 'cut shot' by TGM terms is ANY shot where the golfer uses vertical hinging. From what we know about the ball flight laws, I could hit a 250 yard draw with a driver using vertical hinge action and that would still be considered a 'cut shot.'

Cut shots are mostly used on short shots. It differs a bit from the 'flop shot', but the biggest asset I find from hitting short shots using vertical hinging is that the ball will land softly.

SPECIAL LEFT WRIST ACTION - Single Wrist Action going back, standard wrist action going thru.


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