Saturday, November 28, 2009

Understanding the 'P's'

I've gotten some questions on what I mean by say 'P7' or 'P3.' These are MORAD terms for certain points of the swing. They are actually very easy to understand and I think it's a very valid and valuable concept because it gets everybody on page (those who know what the 'P's' are) as to what needs to be done where. The P's, I believe, stand for 'parallel.' Anyway, here's the P's.

P1 (Address)

P2 (Shaft Parallel)

P3 (Arm Parallel)

P4 (Top of Swing)

P5 (Arm Parallel)

P6 (Shaft Parallel)

P7 (Impact)

P8 (Arm Parallel)

P9 (Finish)


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