Wednesday, November 11, 2009

3Jack's Translation of TGM: Part 9O

10-20 (Trigger Types)

The corresponding Chapter 7 translation can be found HERE.

Trigger types are the procedures that trigger the release.

THE HAND THROW - The hands swing the club from the top of the swing. Homer notes this can be hazardous unless the golfer has well educated hands. In the hands throw, the accumulators release very gradually so they won't become 'empty' at or before impact.

THE RIGHT ARM THROW - Right arm pushes the lever assemblies toward impact. Usually restricted to hitting. Here's the Michael Jacobs video again explaining the lever assemblies.

SHOULDER TURN THROW - sharp initial acceleration of the shoulder turn against the #4 PP which gives that 'blasting the left arm off the chest.' Very similar to somebody throwing a frisbee with their left hand. The left arm 'blasts' off the chest once the pivot acceleration starts to subside. Basically, if you want to use the shoulder turn throw and generate more clubhead speed, the pivot needs to accelerate more so it takes longer for that acceleration to subside and longer for the left arm to 'blast' off the chest. This is usually a procedure done by swingers.

DELIVERY PATH THROW - The golfer doesn't start to trigger the release until they reach the bottom arc of the Delivery Hand Path. Let's take a look at the Aaron Baddeley pic below provided by Jeff Mann's Perfect Golf Swing Review Web site.

The red line draw is the actual path that Baddeley's hands take on the downswing. So if Baddeley were to use the Delivery Path Throw, he would not trigger the release until his hands get to the bottom arc of that red line.

Delivery Path Throw can be used by hitters or swingers.

WRIST THROW - From the Face On view, the right hand will be 'palm up' or facing the camera up until the release. This produces a sequenced release. Homer states if this is difficult, stick with Delivery Path Throw. Only compatible with Swinging.


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Unknown said...

According to Tom Tomasello the 5 triggers are 5 different ways to start the downswing. Shoulder Turn Throw is the lowering of the right shoulder to start the downswing (used by Jodie Mudd, Sally Little, Mac O'Grady, Gary McCord (see Gary's videos on youtube) and more recently Hendrik Stenson, see Hendrik's video on his 2013 Swing Improvements per the golf Channel). 10-20-E is the Wrist Throw which is the Left Wrist starting the downswing as used by Sam Snead and Ernest Jones. 10-20-D is the left forearm starting the club down, I have Tomasello on video saying it's both forearms, but per 6-B-3 it mentions trigger delay 10-20-D. I believe the combination of 10-20-B and 10-20-D is the use of both forearms as used Zach Johnson, Ernie Els and Phil Mickelson.