Saturday, November 14, 2009

3Jack's Translation of TGM: Part 9P

10-21 (Power Package Assembly Points

The corresponding Chapter 7 translation of TGM can be found HERE.

Homer states that the power package has ben assembled when the #3 Pressure Point has been establish. But it is more or less the point when the left wrist becomes fully cocked and forms about a 90* angle between the clubshaft and the left arm.

So, Power Package Assembly Point is the point of the golf swing when the power package has been assembled.

TOP ASSEMBLY POINT - Power Package is assembled at the top of the backswing, beforethe hands actually start to make the downstroke. Homer considers the 'top' of the swing to be when the hands are shoulder high and on plane. Thus, the power package is assembled when the hands are shoulder high.

SIDE ASSEMBLY POINT - Similar to a Top Assembly Point, but the power package is assembled at the golfer's side during the backswing. Hogan was a classic side assembly point golfer. You can see this in the 3rd pic in the swing sequence below:

END ASSEMBLY POINT - This assembly occurs at the end of the backstroke. This is different from the 'top assembly point' because with the top of the assembly point, the assembly takes place when the hands are shoulder high. End assembly point takes place at the end of the backswing.

DOWNSTROKE TOP ASSEMBLY POINT - Like the 'end assembly point' but the golfer basically takes the backswing and then the power package assembles on the very beginning of the startdown. Sort of like a 'mini-float load' move.

DOWNSTROKE SIDE ASSEMBLY POINT - Basically the power package doesn't get assembled until the hands are to the side of the golfer on the downstroke. Very 'float load-ish' procedure. I think Sergio is a perfect example of 'downstroke side assembly point.'


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