Friday, November 13, 2009

Updated Swings & Adjustments 11.13.09

Here's a video of some new swings I took today.

Some things I altered:

1. More pressure in the #3 PP. I was neglecting pressure in that #3 PP as I focused more on the #1 PP. I like to feel like my hands are strong clamps to the grip and want to make sure that the hands are 'sealed' and there are no 'air pockets.'

2. Squareing the clubface in the takeaway.

3. More shoulder rotation in the backswing.

The club isn't so badly laid off at the top of the swing and the clubface and shaft is in a better position at P6 (when the club is parallel to the ground before impact).

I think I saw some added power as the 6-iron was traveling further than it normally does on the range, but it's always tough to tell with range balls.

I definitely need to get some more waist bend at address, but I will work on that a little later as I want to get the adjustments listed above down first.

Here's some still pic changes:

Some marked improvements. I just got Plummer & Bennett's 'The Stack and Tilt Swing' book in the mail and will be reading that with an upcoming review.



Anonymous said...

It’s an interesting contrast to the swing video recorded yesterday. Today, address Clubshaft was on the elbow plane yet your shaft during the downswing, release and Impact were on the TSP with a Flat left wrist. The first two swings were good; no plane line bending.

vjsinger said...

Pivot looks alot better Rich. Keep it going.

Greg said...

Can't wait to hear your review on the S&T book. Just got mine today!

Rich H. said...

I've usually been a single shift, going elbow to TSP and then staying on TSP.

Used this swing today and only hit 2 poor shots and 13 GIR. Noticed a little more power as well. Feels a little weird still, but I'll keep monitoring it.

Anonymous said...

Like your blog alot, interesting to see your swing progress.

Tell me, is the left foot move before the takeaway like a swing starter for you?

Rich H. said...

It's not a conscious swing starter and I really don't even notice that I do it until I see it on video. Been doing that for years.