Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Golfing Machine Video with Michael Jacobs (GSED)

Video by Michael Jacobs (GSED) going over some basic philosophies of The Golfing Machine.

One thing to note, a 'hitter' can use force across the shaft and use 'pitch elbow' if desired. In fact, my current golf swing is developing more of a pitch elbow position while still being a hitting procedure.



Anonymous said...

One thing to note. No way. Pitched Elbow and Hitting are incompatible.

TeddyIrons said...

Is your name Daryl by any chance?

One thing to note: TGM is great, but I cringe when I read statements like the above. :-)

Rich H. said...


Homer notes specifically in his audio tapes that you can hit from pitched elbow.

Unknown said...

Rich I'm new to the golfing machine but this guy seems to want you to swing then hit. Seems a little discouraging as I was having success focusing on the #1 and #3 pressure points as a hitter. Thanks for your blog. It's helped me wake up from a life of golf magazine mechanics from feel instruction.

Rich H. said...

Mike Jacobs discusses how some of the science in TGM is a bit outdated. One of the outdated parts is that physicists and biomechanical engineers have stated that really everybody does a bit of both of swinging and hitting and there really is no 'pure' swinger or hitter.

According to these experts, everybody basically 'swings' then 'hits.' So the startdown has the golfer pulling then pushing.

I think Homer Kelley made a great observation with 'hitting' and 'swinging' from a feel perspective. With me, it feels like I'm just pushing with the right arm on the downswing. But, in reality I'm pulling first then pushing.

That's definitely where Jacobs is coming from as the info I just provided is being basically aped from these physicists and biomechanical engineers that I know Jacobs has talked to extensively.

I think it's important to note the difference because of the feel perspective, but if you want to know what actually happens, that's it.

Anonymous said...

One can apply radial force to a shaft with a pitched elbow. That's slapping with an arc. That's right arm swinging, not hitting. The right elbow, right shoulder or right hip becomes the center of the arc.

Force across the shaft, that has a "pivot Point" other than the left shoulder, is still generating and using mostly (if not all) centrifugal force.

Anonymous said...

The Uncocking of the Flat Left Wrist is always a Vertical Motion(4-B-0/1/2/3). With Swingers, that action – as well as the subsequent Hand Roll(a Rotational Motion) – is powered entirely by Centrifugal Force. With Hitters, both actions are powered by Muscular Thrust and occur simultaneously. That is, they are a reversal of the Single Wrist Action Backstroke of10-18-C-2.

Anonymous said...

"...– is powered entirely by Centrifugal Force. ..."
Physicists say there is no such force. Thus the energy must come elsewhere.For instance gravitation and musclework from the legs?

Jonathan said...

The left arm is always SWINGING, while the right is always DRIVING (1-F). It is possible to "Swing" with either arm, but only the right can actually "Hit".

In this video he describes a Float Loading procedure, that continues as Drive Loading and supporting Radial Acceleration in the Downstroke (it is possible per 10-19-B).

Actually it's a "Hit". A Pitching elbow may support a Thrust, but it would be a very weak position and it may conflict with Ball Position and Aiming Point (because the direction and the intensity of the Thrust).