Thursday, November 5, 2009

3Jack's Translation of TGM: Part 9L


The corresponding Chapter 7 translation can be found HERE.

There are 3 foot positions and they are in conjunction with 3 reference points in the swing:

FLAT FOOT.................TOP OF SWING



STANDARD FOOT ACTION - this procedure produces maximum Foot Action. The left foot is rolled and lifted at the Top of the swing and the Right Foot is rolled and lifted at the Finish after passing thru the Sit-Down Point with both feet flat.

Sam Snead, Tom Watson and Jack Nicklaus had 'standard foot action.'

Standard Foot Action was very popular from the 70's and earlier, but once the 80's came less and less golfers started using the standard foot action.

FLAT FOOT ACTION - both feet are flat throughout the stroke, but does allow for normal roll of the feet. I think this is mostly used on very uphill lies.

FLAT LEFT FOOT ACTION - This is exactly like the Standard Foot Action, but the left heel is never lifted. This is very popular in today's golf swings. Byron Nelson was one of the first pros to use flat left foot action.

FLAT RIGHT FOOT ACTION - Same s standard action, but the right heel is not lifted at any time.

Moe Norman was probably as close as it got to a Flat Right Foot action.

ZERO FOOT ACTION - roll and lift are minimal and basically the golfer is swing 'flat footed' which creates zero pivot or zero hip turn.

I'm a very big believer in having good footwork and how it relates to a golfer's ballstriking. Most great ballstrikers have exceptional footwork and most poor ballstrikers have poor footwork. The feet help generate the pivot action. Here's a couple of videos I did awhile back on Foot Action and 7-17 of TGM.


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Anonymous said...

7-17 FOOT ACTION Foot Action accommodates the Knee Action resulting from the motion of the Weight Shift, and accepts the changes in the loading of the Feet.

Foot Action can allow or prevent, but not cause.

Feet have an Alignment. Different alignments can restrict Knee Action, etc. Roll and Lift is a sequence.