Friday, January 8, 2010

Elkington and 2-J-3

Here's a video of Steve Elkington working with Ben Doyle on Doyle's 'Facts and Illusions' mat.

Here's what the Facts and Illusions mat looks like (credit John Furze for pic).


This mat represents much of what Homer Kelley talks about in 2-J-3 of 'The Golfing Machine', referred to as 'Visual Equivalents.'

For instance, looking at the mat you will see where Ben says the golfer should place their hands at impact. From the *golfer's perspective* it looks like they have the hands wayyy forward, out over the left toe. But in reality when the camera is showing the golfer from the Face On view, the hands are not nearly as far forward as it seems.

You've heard 'the feel isn't always real', but that often applies to what the golfer sees. So what the *golfer* sees isn't always real either. That's why Homer labeled it as 'Visual Equivalents.'

I think this is extremely important to note for golfers. In particular because often times golfers may look at their swing on video from the Face On perspective and think they need to change something based on that vantage point and instead need to grasp what it looks like from their vantage point when they are actually swinging the club.

The Fact and Illusions Mat can be found HERE. The mat that Elkington is using in the video is $300.


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