Friday, January 22, 2010

Ben Hogan vs. Mickey Wright Video

Nice video with a comparison of Hogan vs. Wright.

Many good notes made by Dugan here, but I do like how he shows that both Hogan and Wright did stand quite aways from the golf ball. I started to notice this a bit from watching Mike Maves' (aka Sevam1) swing.

Now, Hogan stands up more at address, but that was because he was shorter in height. Shorter golfers stand up more, tallers golfers tend to bend over more.

But still, I think most golfers tend to stand too close to the ball because of the more upright and longer clubs.

Anyway, two all time great swings, put side-to-side.



Anonymous said...

why your choice of sources must be so limited and - therefore so poor?? not the whole world is turnin around tgm dammit

GG said...

Maybe not, but lots of us are. Thanks for the great info Richie.

Rich H. said...

Where in this post is TGM discussed? Dugan isn't a TGM guy to my knowledge and Maves is certainly not a TGM guy either.

Kevin said...

I don't know how you can write a blog entry without referencing TGM. Limit your sources to those that matter to me. My world revolves around it dammit!


Thanks as always Richie.