Thursday, January 7, 2010

3Jack's Top 10 Golf Training Aids - 1.0

One question I get a lot ( is what training aids that I would recommend. So with this post I will have my top 10 training aides, in no particular order.


Pretty much everybody knows what the Medicus is. The Medicus is a very good training aid because it teaches proper plane and clubface control. However, the one thing I don't like about it is it can make things difficult for a golfer with a quicker swing tempo. I think a golfer with a quicker swing tempo can work the Medicus, but they'll have to be extremely precise with their clubface and shaft alignments. Golfers with a very slow tempo can be a little sloppier with clubface and shaft alignments and I really believe that clubface and shaft alignments are much more important than tempo in the end. Great for the novice or beginner who has little understanding of swing plane. ($119.99)


Training aid with a sound device that tells the golfer when they are swinging the clubhead fast or slow.

This is a great training aid because the golfer can actually use their own golf club while using Sonic Golf. But it also uses sound to help the golfer understand how to max out their clubhead speed at impact. It also provides a way for a golfer to produce a consistent swing tempo. The downside of the training aid is that it doesn't help with plane, attack angle, clubface control, etc. But it is a great aid for golfers of all levels. ($299)


My favorite aid for eliminating clubhead throwaway as it provides a strong visual from the golfer's perspective as to where the clubhead should be throughout the swing. I have had people ask about the 'True Ympact' which seems like a decent tool, but that seems more like an aid that helps the golfer kinesthetically instead of visually. I'm not a fan of training aids that force the golfer physically into certain positions or alignments. The Taly can also help with swing path as well and you can use your own club and hit balls with it.

The big issue is that it has poor directions. I get that complaint quite a bit. I would suggest taking a look at my 'Taly Swing Curriculum' in order to get maximum use out of the Taly. ($69)


Helps introduce the golfer to the 'plane line' and how to get on plane and to a lesser extent how to sustain the lag of the clubhead.

The cons of the Smart Stick is that it's not an actual golf club and it's a bit pricey. ($229).


The Tour Striker is a club that is about the length, lie and loft of a 6-iron, but with a clubface shaped in order to make the golfer take a better golf swing. This is a great training aid because it teaches the golfer how to take a swing with an iron, hit the ball first, then take a divot and do it with a steep enough attack angle so they can better control their 'low point.'

It's also got a very helpful blog to answer any questions you may have. However, it does not attack issues like swing plane, grip, etc if those are your problems. ($99)


Unfortunately, I have yet to try out this training aid, but from what I've seen this training aid is the first I've seen that readily attacks footwork which I find to be a gigantic issue that is continually overlooked by golfers and instructors. While it doesn't directly attack things like low point control, clubface control and clubpath control, developing good footwork can make controlling those facets of the swing much easier.

The big issue with this training aid is the availability. The price is a bit steep ($200), but if there was more availibility and it was proven to work then I think more people would fork over the extra cash for it.


A Laser Aimer that shoots the laser at the putter face and then tells the golfer the direction they are aiming by where the laser is pointing. I also have the LPAS (Laser Putting Alignment System), but that requires double sided adhesive tape to be used which doesn't always work or is a real pain to figure out. ($144)


A great aid because if anything, it introduces the importance of the trigger finger in the golf swing and more particularly, the #3 Pressure Point. You can even use the device to help with swing path. Best of all, it's only $13.


This is a bit like the Medicus in that it teaches the golfer how to swing the club. But where the Medicus breaks down when the golfer's swing mechanics are flawed, the Gyroswing basically swings the club *for* the golfer. In other words, the golfer cannot 'screw it up.' The cons are that it's not a real club and thus you cannot hit golf balls with it. A fantastic club for people who fail to grasp how to properly hinge the golf club. ($120).


I believe that forcing the golfer to be precise with their stroke, be it the full swing or the putting stroke, is generally the best way to improve their technique. I also believe the more consistent you are at hitting the ball dead solid on your putts, the more putts you're likely to make. Of course, being able to read putts, aim and feel the speed are probably bigger factors, but if you can consistently hit the sweetspot you're likely to hit the ball more on line an have a more consistent speed. The Pelz Putter clips help that. ($30).



Kevin said...

Holy Smokes!

Thats a wide array of training aids. Many things I need to try.

Thanks for the heads up as always.


Walter Percy said...

Great selection of training aids!

In order to improve one's playing skills, it's important to use putting aids for golf. Different problems like stroke, footwork, and amount of pressure can be evaluated using gears like putting training aids.

I'll probably try some of the things that you mentioned above. Thanks!

Joe said...

The best training aid I have found lately is the Club Pro. I saw this on the Golf Channel and ordered it from It comes with an instructional DVD by Ron Cerrudo. It is very reasonably priced at 29.99. Absolutely a must for any serious golfer and a great learning aid for a beginner.

Unknown said...

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