Friday, January 29, 2010

3Jack's Greatest Swings of All Time - #6





My #6 greatest swing of all-time belongs to Australian great Peter Thomson.

Here's a swing sequence and some videos on Thomson:

Much of Thomson's swing looks very similar to Hogan's, but Thomson was clearly more upright than Hogan, but overall I wouldn't label Thomson as an upright swing.

Thomson once said that a golfer should think of their swing in simple terms. I think this is quite profound because if you notice, Thomson didn't give any specific 'feels' that a golfer should use with their swing and instead wanted them to come up with their own swing feels and swing thoughts, just keep it simple.

And if there's one thing noticeably about Thomson's swing, it's very simple looking. I think one way a golfer can keep their swing simple is to start with the footwork. Thomson has a flat right foot at impact and then lifts it almost perfectly and naturally after impact. He does't have his right heel way up off the ground at impact or anything that looks out of the ordinary. Get that down, then find something else to work on and think of that in simple terms and you too can see great improvements in your swing.


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