Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Don White Signs With Scratch Golf

Scratch Golf has signed Don White.

Who is Don White?

He was the master custom grinder of MacGregor golf clubs and arguably the greatest golf clubmaker/designer/grinder ever. Here's the Scratch Golf press release.
Chattanooga, Tenn. (Jan. 5, 2010) – Don White, recognized around the globe as one of the greatest golf clubmakers in the history of the game, will once again be hand-grinding golf clubs when he joins the team at Scratch Golf in January of 2010. The Professional Clubmakers Society Hall of Fame member has personally ground 14 sets of irons used to win major championships during his nearly 40 years as chief club designer at MacGregor Golf. He will now put his skills to work on behalf of Scratch’s talented stable of professionals as well as customers of all skill levels.

“We are honored to welcome Don to the Scratch family,” said Ari Techner, president and CEO of Scratch Golf. “Don is a living legend and his absence from the golf scene in recent years has left a void. Don’s craftsmanship and eye for detail are unmatched in the golf world.”

White will work alongside Scratch co-founder and chief design engineer Jeff McCoy to craft custom irons and wedges.

“I’m just excited to start doing what I’ve done for my entire adult life – make golf clubs,” said White. “What really excites me about Scratch is they are the only ones that still make clubs the way they’re supposed to be made. It’s a pleasure to see young guys carrying on that tradition. I am happy to be a part of it.”

Scratch recently announced that PGA TOUR professional Ryan Moore has become a part owner in the company. 2009 Wyndham Championship winner put Scratch irons and wedges into play late in the 2009 season and closed with three consecutive top-10 finishes and entered the top 50 in the World Golf Rankings.

Scratch clubs are in play on every major professional tour worldwide, including the PGA, Champions, Nationwide, LPGA, Futures, Hooters, eGolf, Gateway, European PGA, European Challenge and European LPGA Tours.
This is what appeals to me about Scratch Golf, particularly Tour Custom department that is open to the public. It basically customizes the entire club to the golfer's specs. I've been practicing solely with the MacGregor 985's that I bought recently off of eBay and I really like the club, except I would like to get a better feeling club when I catch the ball flush. Anyway, I think there could be a market for a vintage blade iron *design* with new steel technology.



Kevin said...

I have a good friend who uses scratch forged blades, and wouldn't change for anything. I have hit them and they are an unbelievably great looking and feeling set of irons.

I'm a loyal Titleist staff member and wouldn't think about changing, but I enjoy great golf clubs. SCRATCH makes great golf clubs.


Rich H. said...

I plan on getting some vintage Hogan blades off of eBay soon. I want to see how I like them. If I don't think they are good enough to be my gamers, I'll probably look to Scratch Golf. Chattanooga is only about 2 hours away from Atlanta, so I could go up to the facility and try them out. I'm interested in the Tour Custom, but it's quite pricey. However, if I could be happy with the same set of irons for 10+ years, I would think it's worth it.