Saturday, January 23, 2010

3Jack's Greatest Swings of All Time - #7

The #7 swing of all timeis from another hickory stick era golfer, Bobby Jones.

Jones had great alignments. Dynamics and results are hard to figure since there's not a lot of discussion in regards to Jones' actual ballstriking skills. Most discussion of him is in regards to his swing, personality, amateur status and of course...Augusta National.

Either way, I would imagine his great career was in large part because he was able to strike the ball really well.

So, what can we learn from Bobby Jones' swing?

Well, his lagging clubhead takeaway.

Many instructors don't like the clubhead lagging as you make your takeaway, but I think it can be a great move for many golfers. One of the better teachers in country, Greg McHatton, uses it in his own swing.

The thing about the lagging clubhead takeaway is that it can greatly help the golfer lag the club on the downswing. Renowned teacher Paul Bertholy was a big proponent of the lagging clubhead takeaway and I'm guessing it was in part due to watching Jones' swing.



NYC Lagster said...

Bobby Jones was a very good ball striker and a very long hitter. But his greatest asset was his ability to sink clutch putts, similar to Tiger.
Great Post,
Keep up the good work.
I plan on doing a post on Jones soon.

Rich H. said...

Can't wait to read it Ralph.