Monday, August 17, 2009

Updated PGA Tour Putting Probabilities Chart

Mark Sweeney of AimPoint Golf has his own Web site and forum at I believe his forum is a MUST read for those who want to improve their putting (my putting has already improved noticeably from watching his video with David Orr and I've only installed about 25% of what's been taught so far).

Also, if you're in some sort of fantasy golf league or taking players in Major Championships, Sweeney has statistical information predicting a top 20 players and his success rate is actually quite amazing. In the PGA Championship, YE Yang (congrats by the way) was ranked in his top 20.

Anyway, he actually has an updated statistical chart showing the % of putts made on the PGA Tour in 2008 from certain distances.


Awhile ago I showed a chart based on some 1995 stats. Let's see the difference.


Tough to get exact data since the 2nd graph is a dot chart not showing the exact percentages, but they look pretty close to being the same.

If that's true, than that tells me that the putter technology hasn't made the Tour better putters and neither has the work of Pelz and Utley. I would be interested in seeing if these stats improve if AimPoint becomes more popular.

As far as whether or not the Tour's better conditioned greens help...they do according to David Orr's putting research (by about 20% improvement). However, the Tour has much harder pin positions as well. I would probably guess that you would automatically see an improvement from 3-5' regardless of the golfer because there's less amount of break. Outside of 5' is anybody's guess.


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