Thursday, August 27, 2009

They Say It's Your Birthday...

I've been congratulated on this glorious day of August 27th as it is my birthday. However, I wanted to thank all of the people I can think of that have helped out with this blog either directly or indirectly.

So, a SPECIAL THANKS goes out to:

Ted Fort (
Lynn Blake (
Jeff Hull (
Dana Dahlquist
Kevin Carter
Greg Brown
John Erickson (
Kevin Shields
Jim Kobylinski
Brian Manzella (
Mike Maves (
David Orr (
pinnacle (poster over at
Mark Sweeney (
John Graham (
Teddy Irons
Nick Clearwater
Jeff Mann (
Ben Doyle (
Bobby Clampett
Brian Gay
Damon Lucas
Geoff Mangum (
Shawn Clement (
Jeff Evans (
Logan Terry
Martin Martinez
Peter Croker (
Paul Smith (
Paul Hart
John Furze (
Taly Williams (
Ed Grabowy (
Matt Grabowy
Kelvin Miyahara (
David Edel (
Dariusz Jedrzejewski (
Rick over at
Trackman Golf
John Riegger
Daniel Carraher
Geoff Jones (aka SliceFixer)
Martin Hall
John Rohan-Weaver
Spencer Huggins
Keith Handler
Michael Jacobs (
Simon Williams (
Chuck Evans (
VJ Trolio (
Phil Thevet
Mike McNary

And to the rest of my followers/readers of my blog and anybody else I may have unfortunately missed.

With that, I leave you with one of my favorite Caddyshack clips.



philthevet said...

Happy Birthday from France Rich.
Hope this will be a year of good golf and, please, continue your SO GOOD blog in the same way

Unknown said...

After lurking for the last 4 months I have to say a big happy birthday - we share a common birthday and passion. Please don't change a thing, this blog is my first-clicker everyday!

Anonymous said...

Sweet.. My birthday is Sept 1..
The Big 40 (crap)

--Rick (SwingAcademy)