Sunday, August 30, 2009

#3 Pressure Point as a Lag Sensor

Jeff Evans, inventor of the Pure Ball Striker ( is once again dropping some TGM knowledge.



Kevin said...

Please do a search on PureBallStriker for more of Jeff's videos. There is a TON of great TGM information there!


Rich H. said...

In due time, due time.


12Hit said...

Wow! This goes very well with the last blog - Rule of 12.

I've got to practice chipping using this hitting action more with the trailing forearm; instead of the old pulling front arm.

Thanks to people like you and Kevin; my recent found TGM knowledge is enriched quickly.

Kevin said...

HaHa, sorry Rich, didn't mean that note for you, I KNOW you have seen all Jeff's work, more of a public service announcement for your readers and friends. Jeff is one of my favorite TGM people. Great teacher, GREAT guy!

Thanks Rich,