Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Rule of 12

Have problems figuring out what club to use when you nearby the green? Try the Rule of 12 as described by Brian Manzella. I tried it today and it was G-O-L-D.

Check Brian out at



12Hit said...

Yes sir I agreed. I also found another link ( describing this. Now I am able to calculate the maths properly. I have also tried it out today, knocked a few close ones around the green. Although I started to have some flight issues when they were longer flight times.

Keep up the good work Rich!

Rich H. said...

I had to experiment a little with the 'safe zone' as it's not always one yard off the green. On one hole I had a very long chip and a slightly downhill lie. So I did the math, took out a 5-iron and the ball went too low because of the downhill lie and didn't carry to the safe zone. Also, the slope of the green and speed of the greens can change some things.