Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Moe Norman 2000 Clinic Parts 4-6



Anonymous said...

It is interesting that many of Moe's comments are things he learned from Paul Bertholy, whom I am told Moe would see twice a year on the way to Florida and back. I think Moe actually memorized the whole book.

You can read these quotes in Bertholy's manual:
"Buckle-sit- side-bump"
"stabilize,energize,contain,then release"
"vanity is the luxury of fools"
also...Moe mentions "rod and "claw"...Bertholy's TGM equivalents of the Flat Left Wrist and Right Forearm Wedge.( Bertholy came up with these prior to TGM I would bet)

It would be interesting and instructive for someone fluent in TGM and Bertholy's Method to point out all the parallels the two contain, as well as any inconsistencies.

These comments are meant not to detract from Moe's talent, genious, and skill; only to delve deeper.

Rich H. said...

That's what I've told Mike Maves before, that there's a lot of parallels between his work and ideas and TGM. Because 'Natural Golf' has pretty much failed as a technique for the regular golfer and there's suspicion of Moe having Aspberger's Syndrome, I think people are too ready to dismiss his results as being based solely on 'talent'/hand-eye coordination. I'm not saying you need to follow his technique from head to toe, but there's a lot of great concepts that Moe had in regards to the swing that I believe he had to research.

Anonymous said...

A book/video comparing the two( Bertholy &TGM) would be super....maybe Sevam1 and Lagpressure could do a collaboration, with Casey playing a supporting role, and Cameraman moderating.

Rich H. said...

That would be awesome and I would spend $15-$25 on an e-book like that.