Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lee Trevino Shotmaker Video

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Lee Buck puts on a clinic of his own, here.



Anonymous said...

reaction is confusing with the ()

Rich H. said...

Nothing I can do about that. But it goes from 1 star to 5 stars. The parentheses give the number of votes in each box. The good thing is you can change your vote if you want to. Just click the box you want.

Greg Brown said...

Interesting, Pate hits 5 wood and Trevino a driver to the Par 4.

Could Lee compete like he did in todays modern game? Especially considering he was not a good putter either.

Rich H. said...

IIRC, Jerry Pate was quite long for his day. I actually looked up some stats that I could find of Lee's driving distance back near his prime on the PGA Tour, he was middle of the pack like I thought, so not nearly the short hitter that people suggest.

Technology has changed the game as well. Not only for equipment, but for instruction as well. We know a ton more about putting now, so I think Lee's putting would've been better. Like Mark Sweeney's 'Stats that Matter' show, ballstriking is much more important than given credit for and outside of Hogan, Moe and maybe Byron and Snead (that's a big 'maybe') weren't many in Lee's league when it came to ballstriking.

That being said, with the way popular golf instruction has boomed, Lee may never have developed that great golf swing.

Greg Brown said...

Thats a great comment, some coach would have tried to screw Trevino up, of course he was pretty much his own man.

Trevino is probably the player who I got to see after his prime (he was about 55 when I really started watching golf) that I wish I could have watched play. Pure compression of the golf ball.