Monday, May 11, 2009

Turned Shoulder Plane and Elbow Plane

Get a lot of questions on this. This is where the hands swing back and through on. As you can see, Mr. Nicklaus swings on a different plane than Mr. Nelson did. Neither is better or worse than the other, just so you know. Thanks to Brian Manzella for posting this up at his Web site at



Anonymous said...

Good find 3JACK!

I think I will copy Mr. Nicklaus's shoulder plane. I tend to swing my arms/hands too far behind my back hip; Mr. Nicklaus one seems to stay in front of the body more.

Thanks for posting! :)

Rich H. said...

Read this post by Manzella first about the problems of golfers trying to go away from their natural swing planes (

I tend to agree with him. I have a problem with an OTT move, but at the moment I think if I tried to go from my natural turned shoulder plane to an elbow plane to combat the OTT move, I would be in trouble.

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