Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Sevam1 YouTube Video

It's starting to warm up for our good neighbors north of us. Here's the latest Sevam1 YouTube video. Part II of the video can be found here (

'Y'know what? Golf should be fun, man.' - Sevam1

Damn straight.



12Hit said...

Great post Rich! I would love to have his backswing. BTW, was he hitting or swinging you think?

Rich H. said...

I'd rather have his downswing. That's where he 'makes his money' so to speak. That's a toughy and I've spoken to Mike about his swing recently. I don't believe there's any such thing as a 'switter.' A 'switter' IMO is really a '4-barrel hitter.' They pretty much 'hit' but they do a very small part of swinging. I think Mike is a '4-barrel' hitter because he does drive with the right side and I believe he said he does push a bit with the right arm right around impact thru the release. But the start down he has says the 'hands go for a free ride' which is a bit of a move for a swinger. That's why I think he's a '4-barrel hitter' which Homer Kelley stated was the most dynamic swing pattern of the bunch. However, he also stated that a 3-barrel golfer who can execute that 3-barrel pattern properly and consistently has nothing to worry about a 4-barrel golfer who is not consistent with the execution of their swing.

12Hit said...

Thanks Rich for your explanations. From last round of golf when I experimented with hitting pattern I'd never hit the ball better but not successful with the driver. Switched back to swinging pattern I then had more control. So for the longer clubs I might stick with swinging and short clubs hitting. Hopefully I'll halve my handicap from 24 to 12 soon. :)

I'll try to read up 4-barrel vs 3-barrel hitting patterns to further understand what you were talking about.

But now off to the new topics you wrote:-
Understanding the Basics of TGM pt1 & pt2 - there's plenty more to absorb.

Cheers again for the great work!

Rich H. said...

'Barrel' patterns are pretty easy to understand. '4-barrel' means the golfer uses all 4 power accumulators in the swing. Jeff Mann says that only a 'hitter' can be a 4-barrel pattern because the 'swinger' should not use the #1 power accumulator. I'm not sure if that is correct, I plan on asking around. Thusly, 'Triple Barrel' means the golfer uses 3 of the power accumulators. Homer Kelley stated that a 4-barrel pattern was the most dynamic pattern of the bunch, but a 3-barrel pattern golfer who can execute it properly and consistently has nothing to worry about from a golfer who uses a 4-barrel pattern and has inconsistent execution with it.

I think you should give 'hitting' a bit more of a try. I honestly believe that if pressed Homer Kelley would have said that the majority of golfers are meant for a 'hitter' pattern. Problem is that most popular instruction teaches some form of 'swinger' patterns. So you've been 'swinging' probably for quite some time and it's a bit of a difficult habit to break. I would suggest most people getting into TGM give 'hitting' a solid effort for about a month or two. Since you're struggling with it a bit, I would suggest trying it mostly on the range. Although finding an Authorized Instructor of TGM is mandatory IMO if you want to really improve. Learning over the internet has its ceiling.

12Hit said...

Thanks so much Rich for clearing up the understanding of the 'Barrel' patterns. Also thanks for mentioning Jeff Mann's Hitting Primers - they seem to draw a better picture for me to further study the hitting action.

I think I am humming the same tune with you as to become a better 'hitter'.

BTW, congratulations on scoring 72 as reported on your latest round! Brian Gay's better watch out! :)