Thursday, May 7, 2009

Flying Wedge Drill

Here's a video of a 'flying wedge' drill that I've been working on. This is for the 'hitter' pattern with golfers who struggle to figure out the 'pushing' motion with the right arm. Directions below.

1. Take your stance with your right forearm on plane at address.

2. Go to 'Impact Fix'. That's the position your hands should be at impact (except your are doing it at the address position). The right forearm will still be on plane.

3. SEE the right forearm flying wedge that is now formed. The right forearm flying wedge is the 'wedge angle' that is formed from the clubshaft to the back of the right hand up to the top of the right forearm.

4. Now you want to maintain that right forearm flying wedge when hitting the ball. Also think 'keeping the bent right wrist frozen.'

Do it first with the 'basic motion' (a swing about the length of a chip shot). Then move onto 'acquired motion (right forearm parallel to the ground on the backswing and follow through) then move onto the full stroke.

When doing this, in order to maintain the right forearm flying wedge and to hit the ball you will need to use a pushing motion with the right arm. The right forearm will move sort of like a piston in a motor engine.


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Steve Kwon said...

How hard can you drive/push the right arm? The harder I "drive" it... the more inconsistent my contact is all over the clubface.