Monday, May 25, 2009

Latest Swing/Game Update

I had to take a week off due to doc's orders after a procedure I had done. Came back to hit balls on Monday and then hit some today and went out and played. Shot 72 (E) with 11 greens, 9 out of 13 fairways and 30 putts on a course with a 134 slope. Most of the greens I missed I just missed and I was putting pretty well, but burning edges on anything longer than 10 feet. Here's a look at my latest swings.

Two biggest things I'm working on is 'drive loading' to get rid of my flip and hopefully over time, eliminate 'clubhead throwaway.' Here's a look at my latest impact position.

Here's my latest DTL, halfway down position.

So I 'regained' my flip a little, but I'm not coming over the top. I just got the GTA Laser II in the mail. I fooled around with it a bit and so far I don't really like it. The downswing path feels too over the top for me and I'm afraid that the laser isn't really positioned right. Still good on the takeaway though and I found out that I can get the SmartStick for a pretty good price. I also should get the Taly in the mail tomorrow. I'm very excited to try it out.



TeddyIrons said...

Rich, the youtube videos cannot be viewed - they are marked as "private".

Rich H. said...

It's set now. I thought I could make them private on YouTube, but still viewable here. Thanks for the heads up.

GG said...

You will love the Taly. It is very helpful. I expect you will almost instantly become a better chipper and pitcher of the ball and it will also assist you with continued improvement in your ball striking.
The SmartStick and the TALY ROCK!