Friday, May 1, 2009

LagPressure's "Holding The Shaft Flex"

I've been trying to read the large thread called 'Let's Talk LAG'S Golf Machine' over at the Web site forum. 'Lagpressure' is the handle for golfer John Erickson. Erickson was an All-American golfer at Fresno State and was Ben Doyle's second protege in his teachings of 'The Golfing Machine' behind Bobby Clampett. Erickson went on to play the Australian and Canadian Tours winning 2 different events. He eventually took a break from the game to pursue other personal interests.

Making a small comeback to the game, Erickson remains an ardent student of 'The Golfing Machine' along with other swing theories and is still an exceptional golfer. He prefers to play with persimmon woods and blade irons from the 50-70's.

One of the things that Erickson has advocated is being able to accelerate the club *after* impact. I had heard that Johnny Miller could do this back in his prime, but wasn't sure to believe it. Erickson states that the golfer has to be able to 'hold the flex of the shaft' up until the halfway point of the follow through for optimal results.

Here he shows a picture of himself doing it.

More impressively is that in this sequence he's holding the flex with a ladies club with a ladies shaft flex. Erickson explains that this is very difficult to obtain and even he has troubles holding the flex on a consistent basis. He believes that this is what Hogan did and could do it time and time again and that you need to use a CP release to do this with a constant pivoting of the hips through and after impact.

For more on Erickson and his philosophies towards the game and the golf swing, check out his Web site at


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