Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Putting --- TGM Style

Australian GSED John Furze has a nice article on putting, TGM style over at that I thought many of you may be interested in.

One of the many things I find appealing about Lynn Blake's 'Alignment Golf' DVD is the rave reviews I've heard about the putting section of the DVD. That's actually what probably gets mentioned most, besides how great the DVD series is overall, that the putting is so great and it's been really surprising for them. I haven't got the DVD yet, but I think Furze's article probably runs along the same lines.

Some interesting parts of Furze's article:

When the putter face is at a 90 degree angle to the target line so that the toe is straight across the target line it is a Vertical Hinge

Varying the Hinge Actions will also have an effect on the length of the putt. For example, using Horizontal Hinging will give the ball more power so it can certainly be used for all lengths of putting but keep ion mind that for an extremely long Putt Horizontal Hinging would be extremely beneficial.

Horizontal Hinging will give the Purest of compression. Using Angle Hinge for a same length Putt as Horizontal Hinging you would have to give it a little more Right Arm Thrust.

This would also apply to using Vertical Hinging as once again you would have to give more Right Arm Thrust compared to the angle Hinge and even more Thrust in comparison to the Horizontal Hinge.


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Anonymous said...

Once again...great post, as was yesterdays.

You are right,...I have those Alignment golf videos and the putting one was an unexpected surprise.

Was reading my "Maxixum Golf" book this morning by the late John Schlee( a Hogan protege'). He was an advocate of that alignment of the putter shaft up teh palm you have pictured, and even recommended using the left wrist as a brace. He said he once had a streak where went 2 years on the tour with only one three putt...had to be a record.

Thanks for my daily dose.