Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dowels & Wedges w/Yoda

Been getting some PM's and e-mails on Flying Wedges and more stuff on Right Forearm Tracing, etc. Here's a great video by Lynn Blake on the 'flying wedges' along with straight line delivery path and what's also termed at 'Visual Equivalents' in The Golfing Machine.

As I've posted in a few of the previous posts, one can maintain a flat left wrist at impact by actually focusing on keeping the right wrist bent at impact (aka keeping the right forearm flying wedge in tact). I thought it was unique that Yoda mentioned keeping the wrist bent at the finish.

And so it goes...



TeddyIrons said...

I'm finding these articles very useful Richie. Thanks and hope you keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

any keys to getting the right forearm wedge preperly formed at the top without presetting at address?

Can you roll the left wrist as Hogan did and keep the wedge in both arms?

Rich H. said...

I believe the right wedge forms once the left wrist cocks. However, the reason why golfers like myself and Brian Gay have 'preset' it at address is to make the swing *simpler.* You've got the right idea, we set it at address and then just try to hold it there throughout the swing (Brian Gay is obviously far better at it than I am).

Pre-setting it address is not all that hard. For myself, I just take my stance and then feel like I'm 'bending the right arm into the right hip joint.' I videotape my swing quite a bit, just to make sure I'm doing what we went over in my last lesson and I'm not forming an new, bad habits.

You can do what you want, but I think there's a big advantage in pre-setting it. Makes the right forearm takeaway, right forearm tracing and keeping the wedges much more simpler and easier.

Anonymous said...