Monday, April 13, 2009

Game and Swing Update 4.14.09

I always get PM's and some e-mails asking about my game and my golf swing which is always greatly appreciated. I haven't played a whole lot lately as I hurt my shoulder blade/ribs area in a mysterious fashion and that sidelined me for a week. Then we had some really bad weather, which included this hail storm last Friday.

Check out the size of the hail stone around the :40 mark

Anyway, here's my latest golf swing.

I think the impact position is 'better'



I'm working on 7-17 (Foot Action) and 6-B-2-0 (#2 Power Accumulator) of 'The Golfing Machine.' Mainly, adjusting my address position so the arches of my feet are like 'suction cups to the ground' (credit Shawn Clement) and making sure to keep the weight away from my toes during the swing and having the right heel 'pulled' off the ground thru impact instead of 'lifted' off the ground as prescribed by Mr. Homer Kelley. Ted Fort and I discussed this and the #2 Power Accumulator in our last lesson and getting the feeling of driving that #2 Power Accumulator right at the ball.

One of the things that really caught my attention was in a Lynn Blake video with his student Colin Neeman ( Mr. Blake mentioned that clubhead moves in a 3-D motion...down, out and forward. And that most golfers can get the 'out and forward' part of the motion down, it's just the DOWN part that most golfers struggle to master. So I'm really working on hitting as down as I can on the ball. Meaning, I have to hit the ball FIRST and then take a divot, but I'm really driving that #2 accumulator and the clubhead DOWN and down HARD at the ball.

To understand the Power Accumulators, check out Brian Manzella's video (

Tomorrow I'll be hooked up to the SAM Puttlab and see what my putting stroke looks like. Hopefully I'll be able to post the results up on the blog.



Unknown said...

Looking good. I head back up to see Ted this Wednesday for my 2nd lesson. Sounds like your first one went like mine. A dramatic change in posture at address, also getting the right arm in a better position at address.

Rich H. said...

Awesome. I go to see Ted for a lesson this Wednesday. The first thing Ted had me work on was my grip and stop getting the face so shut in the backswing. Then he worked on getting the right forearm on plane, then made some other address changes in the last lesson.