Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Look Into the Poll Question: Johnny Miller

The next participant in the poll question 'If You Could Hit It Like One Historic Golfer In Their Prime With Modern Equipment, Who Would It Be?' is Johnny Miller.

Like Nick Price, Miller is often forgotten in the circles of 'great ballstrikers of all time' mainly due to a somewhat short prime of his career and his ballstriking was never quite the same. His main success came from 1974-1976 although he did win the US Open in 1973. Here's a look at Miller's swing.

Miller's swing was a random sweep release with a circular delivery path as opposed to the snap release so many golfers like to see.

Miller's most glorious moment was the 1973 US Open where he overcame a 6 shot deficit to win the championship at Oakmont CC. Oakmont is arguably the toughest golf course in the United States and Miller's final round of a 63, hitting all 18 greens in regulation along with having an average birdie putt shorter than 10 feet long is a ballstriking feat that will likely never be duplicated.

As a commentator he's known for his straight forward, highly opinionated and blunt commentary which irks many, but it's always tough to argue with a man who knew a level of greatness that only a handful of people have ever achieved in the game of golf.


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