Sunday, April 19, 2009

Congratulations, Brian Gay

Who says 'The Golfing Machine' is just a bunch of complicated, useless junk?

Brian Gay, a student of Lynn Blake's and Homer Kelley's 'The Golfing Machine' just shot a Harbour Town Tournament record -20 (67-66-67-64) to win by ten shots, making only 2 bogeys the entire tournament.

Gay was:
  • 2nd in driving accuracy
  • 3rd in GIR
  • 3rd in Putts/Round
  • 3rd in Putts/GIR
With the victory that will earn him an invitation to the Masters in 2010.

Gay's work with Lynn Blake consisted of getting the right forearm on plane at address and 'tracing the right forearm' through impact. He seemed to really start to 'get it' midway through 2008 and wound up being 31st in the money list. This season he got off to a great start, but could not do well enough to get a victory. For those who followed Brian, you had the feeling his time was about to come.

Here's a preview video Brian did with Lynn Blake called 'Golf Stroke Fundamentals', which can be found at


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