Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Look Into the Poll Question: Jamie Sadlowski

I posted up a poll question asking 'If You Could Hit It Like One Historic Golfer In Their Prime With Modern Equipment, Who Would It Be?'

I actually made a small error. The question was supposed to be phrased 'If You Could Hit It Like One Historic Golfer in Their Prime for ONE WEEK with Modern Equipment, Who Would It Be?'

I think that may have changed the results a little. I thought I put in some pretty darn good poll answers to make it tough. I actually was thinking of putting in Nick Price because in '93 or so he was striking the ball as well as anybody had ever on Tour...#1 in overall driving and up at the top in G.I.R. He hit the ball long and accurately and was more aggressive with the driver than just about anybody the Tour has seen. But, I didn't think he'd even get one vote.

First up though is Long Driving Champ Jamie Sadlowski who is a darn good player in his own right. I couldn't imagine playing golf with his distance. First Hole is 450 yards with water up front? Hit a 3-wood and a half a SW and putt for bird. Third Hole a par 5 teeing off a cliff with water about 310 yards away? Hit a driver and have a wedge in.

And remember, chicks dig the long ball.

Next up, George Knudson


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