Wednesday, April 15, 2009

'Champagne' Tony Lema

'Champagne' Tony Lema, winner of 12 PGA Tour Events from 1962-1966 along with being the champion of the 1964 British Open, was one of the most popular players of his time. He died in a plane crash with his wife transporting him to an exhibition in Chicago in 1966.

  • "Golf is like solitaire. When you cheat, you only cheat yourself."

  • "In choosing a partner, always pick the optimist."

  • "You build a golf game like you build a wall, one brick at a time."

  • "If I had to cram all my tournament experience into one sentence, I would say, "Don't give up and don't let up!"

  • “Many kids might have made jails instead of pars and birdies if it hadn’t been for Loosh. He knows kids- how they think, how to talk them and what do for them. As long as I’ve known him he’s been willing help kids for nothing in return.” - a quote by Tony about his golf coach Lucius Bateman (after which there is a driving range named in Alameda, California).

  • "A buoyant, positive approach to the game is as basic as a sound swing."


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