Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Problems w/Rory and Traditional Golf Statistics

Mark Twain was once said “There are lies, damned lies and statistics.”

This is often a popular adage from critics of an advanced metrics point of view. Normally this tends to occur with people who utilize anecdotal evidence to formulate their opinions and when the numbers tell them something they don’t like. The reality is that statistics do not lie, but incomplete and flawed statistics can lead to faulty analysis and conclusions derived from that analysis.

A prime example of this right now is the “fall” of Rory McIlroy’s play. People are stating that his dip in his performance is due to switching equipment. Johnny Miller thinks it is a giant mistake for Rory to switch his irons, as he did the same thing in his prime and he could never quite adjust to the change. Let’s take a look at his “traditional” golf metrics:

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Unknown said...

I just came by your blog and enjoyed reading it.

I totally believe McIlroy is having a drop due to an equipment change. It is going to take some time working with Nike to get the clubs tuned in. I wouldn't be surprised if it takes him 6 months or so to be "at peace" with the new irons.