Thursday, April 4, 2013

Radius Roll Putter Review

Recently, I was introduced the Radius Roll Putter line.

The idea behind the Radius Roll putter line is that the putter face is convex instead of flat. This is designed to produce a better roll with the putter by reducing the amount of skid on a putt.

Here’s a video from Radius Roll Putters showing the difference in skid between their putters and conventional putters.

The design concept is not exactly new:


Teardrop Putters utilized a similar design with the convex putter face.

However, the Teardrop putters did not have very appealing designs, the weight felt funny and they did not utilize precise CNC milling. The Radius Roll putter is made from 303 stainless steel which is a soft stainless steel. It also comes in a variety of different head designs like an Anser style model, some mallet and face balanced models.


They also have heel shafted, offset and center shafted putter designs.

I putted with the Radius Roll and found that it rolls the putts quite a bit further than my Edel putter. It’s also excellent on short putts since the lack of skid gets the ball rolling where you want it to roll immediately.

For those of you who have tried the Teardrop putter, I would give this a shot because it’s an entirely better product than the Teardrop design. And if you’re looking to reduce your skid with the putter, then you may want to take a look at these putters as well.

You can find the Radius Roll putters on their Web site at . Their price range is $130 to $205 depending on what model you want.


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Unknown said...

Somewhat surprised there have not been a few comments. The new web site is We have upgraded the site and the video. We have also endorsed a player on the PGA of Canada for the upcoming season and we also anticipate 2 new models in the upcoming months. Check out the web and get on our newsletter database for updates and offerings.

Greg Buban
General Sales Manager