Monday, April 29, 2013

The Road to Golf Club Fitting Nirvana - Part VI

Here's a video I made discussing what I have done so far:

Here's a little bit of notes to keep in mind:

MOI: Total Dynamic Heft of the club.

MOI Balance Index: The relationship of the clubhead's weight and CoG versus the shaft/grip's weight and CoG.

Analogy: Two guys who are 6'2" tall a piece. But, one guy has a 35" inseam and the other has a 30" inseam. MOI is the end result (6'2" tall), MOI Balance Index is relationship of the components (larger legs, smaller torso, etc.).

MOI Balance Indes is a number from 0-100.

>50 = 'clubhead biased'

<50 biased="" grip="" p="" shaft="">
Longer irons will FEEL 'head light.' Shorter irons will FEEL 'head heavy.'

MOI is more important than MOI Balance Index.

Bend Profile is more important than MOI Balance Index.

Regardless of what a golfer's optimal MOI Balance Index is...they will likely have to make the longer irons *feel* heavier in the head and the short irons *feel* lighter in the head in order to make the MOI Balance Index match.

Cannot simply add/subtract weight from the head because it will alter the MOI. Again, MOI is more important than MOI Balance Index.

The SHAFT should change. If the shaft becomes heavier, it makes the head *feel* lighter. If the shaft becomes lighter, it makes the head *feel* heavier.

1-gram of lead tape on clubhead = 10 to 12 MOI points change.

1-gram of lead tape on the balance point on the shaft = 5 MOI points

1-gram on the butt under the grip = 0 MOI points.

3JACK'S 575MMC Pitching Wedge Measurements


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