Monday, October 31, 2011

MOI Matching Experience - Part I

I received my MOI machine today.

For those who haven't read, this is used in place of swingweight.

Swingweight essentially measures the effective weight of the club when we are physically swinging it. MOI measures the amount of force required to swing the club.

I can have two Taylor Made R11 6-iron heads made by Taylor Made. They can have the same swingweight. But, due to factors like shaft length, where the weight in the club is located, shaft, etc...the amount of force required to swing the club can be *vastly* different. The idea is that swingweight is more of a 'feel' while MOI is more of a unbiased measurement.

First up, I had to calibrate the MOI machine. It's not all that hard, but they have bubble levels on the machine and you must get them machine level or you will not be able to do the reads. There's a good video showing the basics of setting up the video:

First up, I wanted to measure my current bag. The woods are done separately because they should have a separate MOI. The Driver is at D-2.5 swingweight, 3-wood at D-2 and the hybrid at D-3. Here are their MOI measurements (kg/cm)

Driver Adams 9064LS: 2822
3-wood Adams Speedline F11: 2642 (-180)
Hybrid Mizuno Fli-Hi CLK: 2740 (+90)

The irons are next. The SW and LW really don't matter since I don't use them on full swings. But the irons measure in at D-4 swingweight. Here's their MOI readings.

3-iron 555C: 2625
4-iron 555C: 2702 (+77)
5-iron 555M: 2670 (-32)
6-iron 555M: 2680 (+10)
7-iron 555M: 2694 (+14)
8-iron 555M: 2658 (-36)
9-iron 555M: 2639 (-20)
PW 555M: 2653 (+14)
SW Miura K-Grind: 2688 (+35)
LW Ping Tour-S: 2655 (-33)

Out of all of my irons, I probably hit the 4-iron, 5-iron and 7-iron the best. So the fact that the 4-iron and 7-iron are close to the same MOI, that is interesting.

However, I will be trying out the new KBS C-Taper shaft in a 6-iron and if that doesn't work, I'll try to work with the KBS Tour shaft.


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