Tuesday, October 11, 2011

3Jack FSGA Mid-Am - Round 1

Course: Old Marsh Golf Club
Ball: Srixon Z-Star
Bag Setup: Adams 9064LS driver (10.5*), Adams F11 Speedline 3-wood (15*), Wishon 555C 3&4 irons, Wishon 555M 5-PW, Miura K-Grind (56*), Ping Tour-S Rustique (60*)

It was about 80-85* on Thursday, wind blowing again at 20 mph, but this was more from the East than from the North which is what we had on Wednesday.

I had the greens at a 10 on the stimp.

#10 - 313 yards par-4

I smoked a driver down the middle into the wind. Had 55 yards into the back of the green. Flew the green with a LW. Bump-n-run with a SW to about 3 inches and tapped in for par (E)

#11 - 405 yards par-4

Hit a good driver down the middle. Caught a 9-iron a little heavy, but put it to 10 feet. Read the putt right and drained the birdie (-1)

#12 - 502 yards par-5

Hit a driver well, but pulled it, but actually found the fairway. Short yardage home and flushed a 5-iron , but the wind never took it left. Tried a bump-n-run again with a SW, but it spun too much and stayed on the fringe. Pretty good first putt, didn't play enough break on a 3-footer and missed the putt and made a bogey. Thats probably something I need to work on...playing 3-foot putts that have to be aimed outside the edge of the cup. (E)

#13 - 395 yard par-4

This is a tough driving hole and I took a poor swing and wound up on the cart path. You have to play it off the cart path here because it's a sand path. I had a weird shot because there is a big mound right in front of me. So I pulled a PW out and flushed it. Should've hit the club I needed which was an 8-iron. Anyway, found the bunker. Long bunker shot to a front pin. Left it short. Terrible chip and then made a good 5-footer for double (+2)

#14 - 205 yard par-3

Flushed a 5-iron a little long. I was near the bottom anchor. Couldn't tell if I was 5-feet or closer to 10-feet to the bottom anchor. It was about a 40 foot putt. I played it 3 inches left. Not sure if was correct because I didn't quite get it there. It was a good speed on the putt, but unclear if I had the read. But, I tapped in for par (+2)

#15 - 375 yards par-4

Crushed this driver down the middle. Went at the flag because it was in the back. If you go on the green and are on the front side, you almost have no chance of 2-putting because there's a huge mound in the middle of the green. I went at the flag with a little PW and went over. Good chip...at first, but it rolled on bye. But, I made the 5-footer for par (+2)

#16 - 170 yards par-3

Flushed an 8-iron that landed even with the cup and just about a foot right of the hole. Missed the 5-footer. Actually a good read, but it was too hard as it went about 18 inches past the cup. That's why that 18 inches past stuff just doesn't work.

#17 - 570 yards par-5


Hooked a driver and hit a tree. Was in a position I've never been in before. I had a swing, but no shot...unless you have a 100 yard hook on a 200 yard shot in your bag. I actually had to hit a chip with a SW by the cartpath, which I did perfectly.

I then hit a hybrid, but it caught a bush and stayed in the bush. Had to drop and take an unplayable. Good hybrid, ugly 3-iron, Flop on...2-putt for a quad. Ugly (+6)

#18 - 460 yards par-4

Good driver down the middle. Hit a nice 4-iron into the wind to about 30 feet. Read the putt perfectly and just missed and made par (+6)

#1 - 370 yards par-4

Here I'm thinking that if I can shoot even par on the back...I could come in with a 78 and give myself a shot on Friday.

I hit a good driver down the middle, followed by a choked up 7-iron to 12 feet. Here's where I need to get more advanced in my AimPoint as this was a nasty little putt that I had the right idea, just not enough break. Even my playing partner remarked how he couldn't believe it broke left at the end and I played it correctly. (+6)

#2 - 530 yards par-5

Good driver down the middle. I laid up because there's a nasty fairway bunker I wanted to avoid. Hit a SW to 18 feet. Another putt like #1...had the right idea, just not where exactly to aim. Made par (+6)

#3 - 180 yards par-3

Flushed a 6-iron to the back of the green. I thought I was 5 feet to the low anchor, but I was actually 10 feet away and I made a decent run at it and made par (+6)

#4 - 400 yards par -4

I hit a good driver here down the middle. Tried to choke up with a 6-iron into the wind, but missed it right. Hit the chip too hard with a LW. Had the line, but the wind just killed the putt and made bogey (+7)

#5 - 370 yards par-4

Here's where I got greedy and dumb. I tried to hit big shots instead of sticking with the overall gameplan. I hit a driver well, but pulled it. Hit a PW over the green. First chip was short of the green. 2nd chip to 3-feet and made bogey (+8)

#6 - 470 yards par-3

Nice driver down the middle. Ugly 5-iron that went into the water. At this point, my confidence was shot. Took a drop, air-mailed a SW over the green. Hit back...and now I'm playing tennis instead of golf. Ugly pitch and a 2-putt for another quad (+12)

#7 - 560 yards par-5

Good driver down the middle. Tried to hit a 3-wood, but went into the water. I didn't know there was water left...I thought it was O.B. or possible lost ball. Dropped, hit a hybrid and pull hooked that one. SW onto the green, 2-putted for double (+14)

#8 - 155 yards par-3

Decent 9-iron to 20 feet. Read the putt perfectly and made birdie (+13)

#9 - 460 yards par-4

Hit a driver a bit high which isn't good into the wind. Hit an ugly 3-hybrid into the right rough. Had a bad lie and the ball just never got any spin and went long. Good first putt and made bogey (+14)

THOUGHTS: Because I haven't hit it well lately, my confidence was down and I never quite trusted myself or felt comfortable out there today.

Although, I think the first step is a big step in all of this....not being embarrassed about the round.

Really, I'm not.

If anything, I'm a bit frustrated with not sticking to the gameplan and pressing when I really didn't need to press.

I will say this...my playing partner is one of the better amateurs in the state and he shot 72 and I honestly feel like I could've shot 74 with a lack of confidence in my swing and playing smarter. I actually think he would tell you that I hit more 'great' shots than he didn, but we know that golf isn't about hitting great shots...it's about avoiding the bad ones.

Still, it's a learning experience and that's what I was thinking coming into the tournament. I'm pretty happy with my putting, I just think I need to get more adept with my AimPoint skills. Obviously, my swing has some work to do. I have some plans for that as well. I think one thing with playing courses like this that I've never played before...I really need to develop a 1-way shot and a 1-way miss to make it more comfortable for me on the course.

As Moe Norman once said (paraphrasing), there's nothing wrong with shooting a bad score because I'll always have tomorrow to play and get it back.


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