Friday, October 21, 2011

Equipment and Miscellaneous Updates

Here’s an update on some equipment and miscellaneous things I’ll be experimenting and using in the near future.


I plan on purchasing an MOI machine by the end of the week, I just have a few questions that I sent to Wishon Golf to be answered. I think I’ve got the basics down pretty well.

I will also be ordering 555C and 555M 6-iron heads for those who would like to demo them. I already have 1 person reserving to demo the 555C iron head, which I will put a KBS Tour 90 shaft in. The 555M I am going to put a KBS C-Taper shaft in as I will be the first to demo it. If I like what I see, I’ll start to figure out what the best MOI is and buy a set of the C-Taper shafts and MOI match those clubs to them.

What I found with MOI matching is that they typically utilize 3/8” club length increments instead of the standard ½” increments. So, that makes the lower lofted clubs a little shorter and the higher lofted clubs a little longer.


My current Wishon set with KBS Tour shafts (.370 tip), is the first set of clubs I’ve ever had spine aligned and quite frankly, I do believe it works. Very noticeable on shots that range from slightly below average to really good, but I missed it by a hair shots. It just holds its line better, which can be the difference between flagging one and having a 30 footer or having a 30 footer and missing the green and short-siding yourself.

My first spine finder stopped working. I wasn’t a fan of it because it was a pain to work with since you had to hold the spine finder in the vise at a 30* angle. The issue with that is the spine finder will move when you try to locate the spine. Now the thing doesn’t work and I can’t return it. However, this spine finder sets straight in vise and it is designed to hold the shaft at a 30* angle (instead of the entire spine finder). Plus, the guarantee is better. So if it doesn’t work, I can return it.


As some of you may know, I have Talamonti shafts in my driver and in my 3-wood. I was going to do a review on them, but I’ve decided to wait until I tried their hybrid shaft as well.

I’ve decided I’ve got a really good hybrid that I like (Mizuno Fli-Hi CLK 20*), but I think I could probably get a better shaft. I’ve hit the Oban Devotion Hybrid shaft and was impressed. Same with the KBS Hybrid shaft. But, I wanted to give the Talamonti hybrid shaft a try.

The problem is that I needed to find a Mizuno Fli-Hi CLK that was originally designed for the stock graphite shaft. The reason being is that I found that this hybrid had 2 different hosel diameters for the steel shaft and graphite shaft versions. And the graphite shaft version matches the tip diameter of the Talamonti hybrid shaft (.370). I recently purchased a used Fli-Hi CLK that matches this and should be delivered soon.


Our friends at My Golf Spy ( did some initial testing on different types of tees and the early results had the 4 yards or More tee adding an average of 15.7 yards to drives. Now, it was just a very small sample size (3 golfers), but for $6 it’s worth trying and I hope to try this out on Trackman soon and will post my findings.


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