Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Trackman Results Analysis 10.26.10

Here’s a look at a golfer’s Trackman numbers with a 6-iron

6 iron Averages
Speed 87.8mph (87.7, 87.2, 87.9, 88.5)
Attack angle -1.1 (-1.4, -0.4, -1.7, -1.0)
Club path -1.1 (-2.4, -2, -0.5,-0.6)
Vertical Swing plane 56.3 (56.6, 60.3, 55.7, 52.7)
Horizontal swing plane -1.8 (-3.3, -2.2, -1.6, -0.2)
Dynamic Loft 23.6 (23.2,22.7,23.4,25)
Face angle 0.0 (-0.9, -1.2, 0.5, 1.5)
Horizontal Launch (-1.3, -1.3, 0.3, 1.4)
Spin Axis (-1.8, 0.7, 0.1, 2.4)
Max height 35.9yrds, 33.1, 34, 38.5
Side (Yrds) 8L 4.4L 3L 6.5R
Distance 162.4 159.9 162 162.5

The general theme is that the golfer hits the ball quite accurately with a tiny fade. Their average face angle is dead square to the target (0.0*), while their average path wound up being -1.1*

But, there are some things that stand out. Mainly the AA (Attack Angle) and Average distance (161.6 yards).

The PGA Tour Average clubhead speed with a 6-iron is 92 mph, with an average carry of 183 yards and an average AA of -4.1* (http://trackman.dk/getmedia/e388effb-0686-425b-9824-650d2e123c6e/January-2010.aspx)

So there is a clubhead speed difference of about 4 mph from the average Tour player (92 – 87.8). IIRC, the typical rule of thumb is that every 1 mph in clubhead speed = approximately 2.5 yards of distance. That average Tour clubhead speed (92) and this golfer’s average clubhead speed (87.8) should equate to roughly 10 yards in difference. Instead it is about 18 yards in difference.

That’s where I believe the AA comes into play. The average PGA Tour player has a much steeper AA than this golfer’s average AA. (-4.1 vs. -1.1). This golfer also winds up hitting the ball much higher than the average PGA Tour player. The average PGA Tour player’s 6-iron max height is 30 yards. This golfer’s average ball max height is 35.4 yards, so this golfer is hitting it roughly 15 feet higher than the average PGA Tour golfer. Thus, if this golfer’s AA was more towards the PGA Tour average and that resulted in the max height being more like the PGA Tour average, this golfer would likely hit their 6-iron more like 10 yards short of the PGA Tour average instead of 18 yards shorter.

Of course, there are a myriad of possible reasons, like equipment issues. However, if could be something simple like ball position or something more difficult like flipping. The golfer’s VSP is somewhat flat for the most part, but when they had their most upright VSP (60.3*), that’s when they has the shallowest attack angle. This golfer may have hit that shot thin. Without looking at the golfer’s swing, the golfer may want a bit of a more upright downswing plane and an attack angle that is steeper to get the optimum results.



Mike - Boston said...

Great, stuff! What a lesson on what it takes to score well...the LPGA #'s are very telling. They are playing course setups (62-6500 yards) that most of us play and they are getting it done without bombing it. I think I'll go chip & putt for a couple hours.

Anonymous said...

Trackman has the tour average 6-iron clubhead speed at 92 mph and the average carry at 183 yards.

So that's like 1.99 yards per mph.

Your rule of thumb of 2.5 yds per mph is for a driver with a higher COR and lower spin lofts which means a less glancing blow.

Actually, if you just look up a couple of rows you have an average tour carry of 269 yds with a 112 mph clubhead speed. That's a 2.4 yd/mph ratio.

This golfer is an ABS student, so we would expect shallower VSPs and lower AoA's since they are supposed to come in at 4:30 and actively hit which seems to lead to shallower hits.

Plus, this guys from Wales. Could have been 45F during the test.

Anonymous said...

so that's would be welshdentists stats then. Cool, good consistent numbers there, pretty decent ballstriking.