Thursday, October 7, 2010

2011 New Driver Technology

Friends of the blog,, with a report on the hot new material in drivers...magnesium.

So What Is The Big Deal About Magnesium?

Well for one it is a very versatile metal for making golf clubs and is super cheap to produce. An entire head can be cast in magnesium in the $4-8 range. Yes…you read that right $4-8 Bucks! Secondly…it is extremely light (about 60% lighter than Titanium). This is very important…because the average head weighs about 200 grams. So if you want to have 30 grams of weights to redistribute around the head like almost every other driver has nowadays…your head will needs to start out weighing 170 grams. This way you have that extra 30 grams to play with. Which can be done…

But if you really want to be able to move the Center of Gravity (CG) around and be able to allow golfers to move the ball almost anywhere they want then Magnesium is the metal to do it with. And that is why this is such a big deal now with the whole Adjustable Weight Technology that is available. I actually had a design 10 years ago that incorporated many of these same adjustable weight technologies that are used today but could not be produced because at that time none of the foundries overseas could make a head light enough to allow all the adjustable weight I had incorporated into the design.

But Magnesium changes all that…because an almost all Magnesium head can get the raw head weight down in the 120-140 gram weight range. Which allows for 60-80 grams of extra weight to play around with. And that amount of weight can actually allow you to move the ball not only left to right but up and down as well. So sorry to tell you…but all those 4 and 8 gram weights on your drivers that golf companies have been telling you can supposedly fix your slice or give you that draw you have always been looking for…really is just a bunch of hogwash.
So some exciting and interesting news for you equipment afficianados out there.



Erik J. Barzeski said...

I suppose this begs the question: why wasn't magnesium considered before? What took so long? There are only so many metals on the periodic table.

birly-shirly said...

hmm - magnesium tends to be quite soft. Used to be used in mountain bikes, but cast in quite chunky shapes where thickness was offset by light weight.

So, are we going to see driver faces made out of magnesium? Not sure I'd want to buy one of those second-hand.

Also, the word is that magnesium use in the bike industry began to die down after whole factories and all their inventory went up in smoke. Magnesium can be quite combustible, no?

What goes around, comes around I guess. It's just golf companies in search of the latest wonder metal after plateauing on titanium.

BTW - is magnesium lighter than carbon?