Monday, October 11, 2010

Right Sided Swing vs. S&T Swing

Here's a video where the author (not me) shows the differences between the Gary Edwin 'Right Sided Swing' and the S&T swing.

I disagree with the author that the Right Side swing maintains a constant axis tilt (they call it 'spine angle') on the downswing. I think it noticeably changes. Not as much as Aaron Baddeley's does, but I don't think the S&T guys would even say Baddeley was the 'model' S&T swing.

One of the issues I don't like about the right sided swing is that it has the feet 'squared in' or the feet are not flared out at address. This makes hip turn harder to accomplish and that is a tremendous source of power in the golf swing.

But, one of Edwin's students is Stuart Appelby, who shot 59 this year and Peter Senior, one of the most underrated great ballstrikers of all time.

I think both the S&T and the Right Sided swing can be very helpful for higher handicappers who don't have a lot of time to overhaul their swing. But we'll have to look into the right sided swing some more before I can make final judgements.


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Unknown said...

I don't think Stuart Appleby has ever been a student of Gary Edwin. I think he has always been a student of Stephen Bann who is not a right sided swing coach.