Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Clubfitting and Waist Bend

Here's an example of a golfer who doesn't benefit from the design of the modern day driver.

Most modern day drivers are 45.0" to 46.5" long. I use a driver that is 45" long, but I am 6'3" tall

The problem with clubs too long is that in this case, they do not allow for the golfer to bend their waist enough.

So why is that an issue?

So when you get too little waist bend, the shoulders will likely turn on too flat of a plane, which then will likely cause an over the top move.



Anonymous said...

can the problem be solved by just gripping down on the driver?

Anonymous said...

Anyone else getting weird pop-up type things on the message board?

Rich H. said...

That would help with the waist bend, although I think the club mass would be a bit too much for the golfer.