Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Arm Travel in the Backswing

3Jack Top 50 Instructor Gregg McHatton on arm travel in the backswing.



Anonymous said...

This genius also has this drill throwing the club like a spear into the ground longitudinally, that is only possible if you start forward before the club goes up in the BS, perhaps this is what he means... never REALLY understood what he means though, even the upper arm goes up a bit in his swing...well, it`s all feel and not real...

Anonymous said...

Rich, Which DVD is this clip from?

Anonymous said...

Hey Rich, great blog!

Just beeing curious on what you are working on. You mentioned ABS a couple of times, are you doing that stuff, like modules you posted about sometime or are you focusing on other stuff?



Anonymous said...

If you are, which step are you on?

And are you still doing that hammer and golf ball thing? How is that coming?